Welcome Sisters!

We are Yetta Young & Felicia Davis, the Creators and Producers of the Get Elevated Women’s Conference (GEWC). This is our inaugural year and we are so excited for what promises to be an experience of a lifetime and the start of something beautiful that we co-create together! 

Why Get Elevated Women’s Conference & Why Now

Friends. Mothers. Daughters. Sisters. Kindred-Spirits.

Two Life-Altering Moments

The vision for this conference started a little over two years ago as a result of both of us experiencing life-altering events that completely shifted our lives causing us to look at life through brand new lenses.

They say kindred spirits are two people who make a special connection by sharing a bond that joins them together by means of an experience that draws them closer but on a higher level of consciousness.  Little did we know that in March of 2011, our lives would be changed forever.  During a time when we were both stuck in the valley of life, our friendship became closer as we leaned on one another for support.

After decades of infertility and being told that she could not give birth, Yetta realized that miracles do happen and became a mother at the age of 42. Felicia was diagnosed with malignant hypertension 8 years ago and suffered her 2nd stress-induced stroke at the age of 41.

The Gift & Curse of Life’s Blessings

While being given the gift of motherhood was certainly a blessing to Yetta, the high-risk pregnancy offered a myriad of medical complications coupled with the stressors of moving across country to take on a high visibility executive position, while pregnant. With the challenges of both new motherhood and being the Executive Director of a start-up theater and cultural arts center, Yetta found herself feeling depressed and disconnected.

Felicia was certainly thankful for the gift of life, but the stroke accelerated her plan for leaving a very stressful Executive HR role and left her in a state of depression due to the many side effects. Those side effects include a slight speech impediment, brain damage and loss of the full function of her right hand and foot.

It was in this moment of darkness that we came together in support of and lifting one another up and realized that we could not let our circumstances circumvent our progress.

 An Amazing Discovery About Women

When we shared our stories with other women, we found that women all over were feeling stuck and unsure of how to move forward. We quickly realized that women were looking for something more. They wanted to feel more empowered in their lives. They yearned for a life that honors their need for connection, confidence and harmony between their personal and professional lives so that they could be more fulfilled.

It was through these heartfelt conversations, many of which mirrored our own lives, that the idea for the Get Elevated Women’s Conference was born. This conference was also born out of our desire to create an event for women where a contact becomes a connection and the right relationships are formed that allow you to support, collaborate and celebrate one another. We know that you have many options to chose from when it comes to investing in your success. In addition to making it affordable, our promise is to give you more than just another event, we commit to an authentic experience  that extends well beyond your investment. In fact, we’d like to say that it will be PRICELESS!

The theme Success Redefined: Elevating without Boundaries perfectly describes what will be a life-changing experience!

 Now is the time to be a part of a movement that will change the lives of women around the world!

 So if you’re ready to…

  • Throw away the excuses so that you can grow
  • Re-ignite the vision you have for your life, career or business
  • Get complete clarity on your unique brilliance so that you can serve more with your gift
  • Connect and be embraced by a community of like-minded women
  • Experience the joy of having a life built by design not by default

We invite you to join us on this journey where you will leave full, connected, inspired and ready for what’s next!




Felicia -Headshot (GOLD)

I am proud to be a wife of 20 years, mother of three, a leadership branding strategist and most importantly a child of God. I have been blessed with many successes including more than two decades of experience in Human Resources, most recently as an HR Executive, 11 years as an Entrepreneur, founder of a community-benefit, 501(c) 3 organization for girls and a Producer of sold-out women’s conferences, retreats and cause related celebrity events.

I now focus my time as the Founder & President of Joyful Transformations, Inc., a 501(c) 3 organization leadership development and mentoring organization for women and girls. As a leadership mentor and coach, I’ve been told that my unique ability to unearth the untapped potential in others helps remove blind spots, enabling them to see their vision of success with precision and clarity. Because of this, my clients become fully empowered with the confidence and courage necessary to lead with radical integrity and daring. I share my thoughts, tips and advice on leadership via speaking engagements, workshops & my biweekly e-newsletter: Ascension, which offers sage advice for savvy women leaders.

Two years ago, my life changed forever when I suffered my second stroke at the tender age of 41. What’s even more alarming is that I didn’t know I had the first one until the tests revealed that another part of my brain was dead. I had all the signs leading up to this, but I was too busy being busy that I wasn’t listening to God’s whisper telling me that something about my ‘busy & very stressful’ life needed to change.

This is exactly why I now devote 100% of my time helping women develop impeccable leadership brands that get them recognized, respected and rewarded for their value. Most importantly, I advocate and cultivate leadership with strong boundaries that you never, ever compromise…not even for a job.

I am excited to be the author of the book: The Leadership Mastery Formula: How to Create a Magnetic Brand that Gets You Noticed, Known & Called Upon. The book teaches women what it takes to prevent being treated like a commodity by developing a well-respected leadership brand that positions them as value-driven contributors to the business.


  • I have an insane addiction to gummy worms. In fact, my family has threatened an intervention and often take them from me when I’m not looking.
  • I absolutely love stilettos. I have at least 100 pair.
  • My all-time favorite movie is Training Day. I could never get enough of Denzel being a bad boy.
  • I buy at least 2 new books a month – all on professional development. Right now I am sinking my teeth into Unleash the Power of the Female Brain by Dr. Daniel G. Amen
  • I turned down an invitation to appear on Oprah. I know, I’s a long story.
  • I love to sing and used to pretend I was Anita Baker when I was a kid.
  • I feel strong and in my power when I activate my ‘Fierce , Free and Fired Up, alter ego.
  • My closest friends call me Fee.
  • I am intensely passionate about empowering women and being a co-creator in their success and I am abundantly grateful that my work is more like play everyday.


I am the CEO and Executive Producer of YYP & Associates, LLC, a production, management and consulting firm specializing in producing extraordinary events and we are proud to be celebrating 15 years. I have a keen ability to help bring clarity to the ultimate vision a client has for their project and work with clients on vision casting, the front and back end and all the logistics in between.I am a theatrical executive producer and director with an intense passion for ‘edu-tainment’ -educating through entertainment. I’ve been called a theatrical griot, for helping to grow a brand of ‘social’ theatre’; where I’ve been gathering and noting our stories giving a voice to a new movement.  A movement of ending violence against women and girls and through that movement I’m proud to have philanthropically raised money and awareness for several organizations both nationally and globally.I’ve been called a Behind-the-Scenes-Fixer, Mover of Light, a Connecter and a Visionary.  My premiere sold-out productions are known for their class and elegance and I’ve had the pleasure to produce and/or direct such luminaries as Oscar winner, Mo’Nique; Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson; Iyanla Vanzant (Iyanla Fix Your Life); Kendra C. Johnson (Tyler Perry’s Love Thy Neighbor); Wendy Raquel Robinson (The Game); Sherri Shepherd (The View); Star Jones (The View); Ella Joyce (Tyler Perry’s Temptations); and Anna Maria Horsford (Amen & Reed Between the Lines) to name a few. I was able to move the play “The Pocketbook Monologues” from obscurity to national exposure when I brokered a deal with Bravo TV and it premiered on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.At the age of 42, I found out that miracles in fact do happen and am now the proud mother of 22-month old Dasia Angelica, an extremely joyful, active and curious toddler who keeps me constantly on the move. So much so that I’m thinking about creating a workout video called “Dasia’s on the Move – Keep up!”

I am excited to author the upcoming stage-play, Butterfly Confessions: A love letter to women of color.  Butterfly Confessions shares heartfelt emotions and lessons about intimacy, sexual responsibility and overcoming adversity.




  • My favorite food is pasta and I order it with sun-dried tomatoes whenever possible.
  • My favorite vacation spot is Aruba and the beautiful cabins in Pigeon Forge, TN.
  • My favorite movie is “The Joy Luck Club.”
  • My favorite books are “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson, “The Darkest Child” by Delores Phillips and “The House of Sand and Fog” by Andre Dubus III.
  • My favorite restaurant is the Cheesecake Factory.
  • Singing loud (and proud) makes me happy although I won’t be winning “The Voice” anytime in this lifetime.
  • My sister calls me ‘Bill Bonds’ (a Detroit news reporter) because I love the fine details in storytelling, but my closest friends call me Yet.
  • I love seeing people live their lives out loud and my wish is that GEWC helps us all get that much closer to living our lives out loud DAILY.