Do You Suffer from Superwoman Syndrome?

 superwoman {by Felicia} As leaders in our life, career or business, you must remove the Superwoman cape and get crystal clear about our unique brilliance, because this is the only way to produce impeccable results every time. It really pains me to see people trying to be Superwoman at the expense of things that are much more important in our lives. I know and speak this from personal experience and it showed up in my life in the form of not one but two strokes.

In order to elevate, you must have harmony in your life and the only way to get harmony is to identify whats tripping you up or slowing your progress. There are many reasons why we try to be superwoman, but a good portion is ego and not wanting to ask for help (ouch!), another part is budget and another part is quite simply, we don’t know what we don’t know.

Delegation can be challenging, because whenever you give up control of anything in your life, it can be scary. However, there is simply no other way to operate from your zone of excellence, increase your income, your reach or grow as a leader if you refuse to remove the superwoman cape. So then the question becomes, “what should I be delegating?”

The answer is simple, anything takes you out of your brilliance and if you are a business owner, you know that time translates to money. So unless you are a web developer, you should not be building your own website. Delegate that to an expert who is brilliant at it and spend your time on income-generating activities. The same goes for a career woman. If there are tasks in your life that literally shifts your mood at just the thought of it, you should probably let someone else handle it. The bottom line is that we tend to enjoy the things we are good at which means that we can get it done quicker and more efficiently than others.  Resources like Elance and Guru are excellent places to find the help you need. The opposite is true of things we simply dread doing. If you don’t want to do something, you will waste time avoiding  and procrastinating which leads to missed opportunities, deadlines and money.  So when it comes to items you don’t like doing, get someone else to do it.

This works very well for a few reasons. One, the job gets done quicker. Two, you stay in a much better mood. At the end of the day this is all about leverage. Leveraging your time is a skill. And if you plan to be a leader who leads at a higher level, this is a skill that you must master.

Below are 4 super simple tips to get you started, but there are two huge caveats that you must be aware of first.

  • Not everything is meant to be delegated and you know what they are. You may have to invest in getting the education or coaching you need to learn how to master it.
  • If you spend just as much time micro-managing as you would doing it yourself, you’re not ready to delegate.

Here are the 4 super simple tips I promised:

1. List all of the activities you enjoy doing and want to do more of. List them in priority order. Notate what your mood is like when engaging in these activities.

2. List everything you simply can not do (your skill) or do not enjoy doing (your willingness). List them in priority order. Notate what your mood is like when engaging in these activities. Decide whether you should {delegate or educate yourself}.

3. For each item that you decide to delegate, identify websites, companies, college students, interns and people who might be able to take on the task for you.

4. Most importantly, always remember to remove that Superwoman cape…

stay in your lane


Are you a victim or victor of the Superwoman Syndrome? We’d love for you to post your thoughts.

4 Responses to Do You Suffer from Superwoman Syndrome?
  1. Rhonda Alexander
    May 26, 2013 | 1:01 am

    I know that there are some things I should be delegating, so I reluctantly accept that I have a bit of the Superwoman syndrome. At the same time, the things I need to delegate are things I need to have a handle on because they are essential to the eventual success of my business.

    I also believe that part of the superwoman syndrome comes from having my trust betrayed. When that happens, personally, I can guarantee that the reigns will become even tighter in order to keep my trust from being betrayed again.

    I liken what I mentioned above to the advice Oprah gives up and coming celebrities who are beginning to make a lot of money. She advises, “Always sign your own checks.” Even though delegating duties can ultimately save me time, I just feel a certain way about micro-managing in order to keep control of the situation. Now, this may make me a control freak to some, but I feel that if micro-managing ultimately puts my mind at ease, that’s probably what I will continue to do. After reading this piece, I totally understand this perspective, but I can’t imagine myself following through and gaining a comfort-level that will allow me to loosen the reigns with the deep-rooted fears and insecurities I have. Any help you can provide to help will be greatly appreciated.

    • elevate2013
      May 26, 2013 | 2:03 am

      Hi Rhonda, thanks for your truth and transparency in sharing your thoughts. Well you already know that your Superwoman ways will not be resolved until you get okay with releasing some of that control. The great thing is that you get to decide what parts of your business that will be. Start with some low-risk things that you can hand over to an assistant which can be a college student, volunteer etc.. Get comfortable with that and continue to release until you feel that you are operating a good part of your time in your income-producing zone. Yes, as a business owner you must be part CEO and part technician but for those things like web design, logo design, business taxes etc., you should be outsourcing those things to the experts so you can focus on your brilliance and generating revenue for your business. (-: I hope this helps.

  2. Patrice
    May 26, 2013 | 2:15 am

    I struggle with the cape on and off. I know this is because of a myriad of reasons… I’m currently wearing the cape ( weighted down by it) and needed to revisit this lesson to refocus, release and realign with my target. Thanks Felicia for sharing and tapping me on my shoulder!

    • elevate2013
      May 26, 2013 | 2:35 am

      Thanks for sharing Patrice and you’re welcome (-:.

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