Who’s Really Got Your Back?

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“The moment you think that you know it all and can do it all on your own, is the moment you give up your opportunity to change lives.” — Felicia Davis

We were recently working on some projects in preparation for all of the juiciness of the 2014 Get Elevated Women’s Conference and we suddenly had an epiphany about how fortunate we were to have one another as friends during our time of need.

Think about it for a moment. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone in your life that you trust completely enough to let your guard down and tell them what’s really going on — especially during the times when you’re struggling or feeling anxiety about something that you need to get done?  Or even better yet — what if you had someone who is so jazzed up about what you’re doing and where you’re going that they’re celebrating with you and being ambassador of your message — even when you’re not around.

Wouldn’t that be oh so grand….

As you know from our story, this is exactly the type of friendship that we shared during a time when we were both stuck in the valley of life. It was so refreshing to have a safe space where we were able to totally remove our masks and discuss our dreams, goals and challenges with one another.

Who's Got Your BackThis brings to mind a book by Keith Ferrazzi called Who’s Got Your BackIt’s a fabulous book that teaches the concept of building lifeline relationships. These are the people with whom you can really count on, open up to and share your fears and your failures while asking for help without worrying about being judged. These are safe-space relationships based on heartfelt conversations that leave egos checked at the door. These are also the very same people with whom you can share your goals and dreams with and they will be your guideposts, helping to lift you up and watch your back as you make your way over the top.

The book is really great, because it helps to disarm you just enough to realize that even as an expert in your domain of excellence, Superwoman is a myth and you do not or will not have all the answers.

At some point, you’ll realize that the best of you comes from a co-creation of wisdom, guidance and tough love that your lifeline partners give you. The problem is that some people seldom get to a place where we ask for help – the support that we need to move forward. Why? Fear…fear of being seen as weak, incompetent, unable to play at the same level or simply not meeting the expectations of those who are expecting big things from us. This has such a crippling effect that we become immobilized, stuck and often paralyzed by our own actions or lack thereof.

The book suggest four reasons why lifeline relationships are necessary:

1. To help us get in agreement with ourselves about how we define success on an ‘individual’ level.

2. To develop a plan to get us there with strategies that are inclusive of both lifeline and strategic partners.

3. To identify and make a commitment on what we will stop doing and say no to in order to move forward.

4. To surround ourselves with people who have our best interest at heart. These are the people who are going to give it to us real, raw and relevant so that we can transform ourselves from being stuck to unstoppable!

The third quarter of the year is almost over and before you know it, we’ll be making those darn New Year commitments again. If you’ve never considered developing a few lifeline relationships, now is the perfect time to start.  Figure out who you want in this innermost circle of your life, have a direct conversation about your intention, develop some specific actions that will guide the partnership (this is also what signals to you that it’s working) and get busy creating the environment for the magic to unfold! Oh yeah, you should know that this same lifeline relationship synergy is a big part of what will be present at GEWC!

Do you have a lifeline relationship story to share? Feel free to share it or any ‘ah-ha’ moment you received from this post.

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